What Makes You Appealing to Mosquitoes?

Have you ever suspected that mosquitoes find you more appetizing than the rest of your friends? Well, it turns out that science has your back! Aside from a lack of pest control measures, there are several little known factors that contribute to your bite count every year.

Read below to find out what you can do about it, and when professionals are needed!

It’s In Your Blood

In a 2004 study, mosquitoes landed on people with Type O blood nearly twice as often as those with Type A, while people with Type B blood fell somewhere in the middle.

But how do the mosquitoes know your blood type?

Fair question! Well, about 85 percent of people secrete a chemical signal through their skin that indicates which blood type they have, while 15 percent do not. If you’re one of those people with type O blood that emits that chemical signal, you’ll likely naturally require more repellent than the average human.

You’re Breathing Deeply

People who emit more carbon dioxide when they breathe, such as pregnant women and larger people, will attract more mosquitoes. A recent study showed that malaria-carrying mosquitoes were attracted to pregnant women twice as much as those not pregnant. This is likely due to the fact that pregnant women exhale an average of 21% more carbon dioxide and have a body temperature that runs over a degree higher than others.

According to the journal Current Biology, mosquitoes will smell a plume of CO2 from up to 164 feet away. That’s a huge radius around you! Once they get closer, they’ll use a combination of smell, sight, and body heat detection to find their mark. Yikes!

You Work Out

In addition to carbon dioxide, mosquitoes find victims at closer range by smelling the lactic acid, uric acid, ammonia and other substances expelled from their sweat. Additionally, these bugs are attracted to people with higher body temperatures. Because exercise increases the buildup of lactic acid and heat in your body, it likely makes you stand out to the insects. Bring some bug spray to the gym!

You’ve Had a Drink

Mosquitoes have a taste for beer! The little pests are proven to like people who drank a beer more than their sober counterparts. Just a single 12 ounce beer will make you appear more tasty to these insects, according to research. The exact scientific reason hasn’t been nailed down, but many just assume they can smell it leaving your pores. So be careful during those summertime cookouts!

Your Skin…. Bacteria?

In a 2011 study, scientists found that having large amounts of a few types of bacteria made skin more appealing to mosquitoes. However – having a large amount of several types of bacteria appeared to make skin less attractive.

This also might be why mosquitoes are especially prone to biting our ankles and feet—they naturally have more robust bacteria colonies!

A Flashy Wardrobe

We’re serious! Since mosquitoes rely on vision as well as scent to locate humans, wearing darker colors like red or black that stands out against nature could make them float your way during the party instead of your buddy next to you in brown.

When to Seek Help

If you’ve exhausted fixing all of the above options, The Neuse Termite and Pest Control would love to deal with your mosquito issues to keep your arms bite-free. We’re equipped with the most effective treatment options in the pest control industry – and will do it for a great price in time for the summer swarms.

Call us today! (919) 553-9888.

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