K-9 Team – Stormy and Rick

The Neuse Termite & Pest Control is happy to announce that it has welcomed another dog to the K-9 Team!

Introducing Stormy

stormy the dogStormy is a 2 year old yellow lab from south Georgia. He was purchased from a U.S. based company that specializes in police and military dog training. All of our dogs are trained at an elite school to sniff out multiple types of bombs for the US Government before we re-purpose their noses to detect bed bugs!

Stormy was “toy trained”, which has long been considered a superior method that keeps our dogs focused and driven in the field longer. Our dogs train with their handlers every day to ensure that the bed bug scent stays fresh.

When he is not working at The Neuse, Stormy seeks out attention and tummy scratches from anyone willing to give them! He loves swimming, riding in the car and lives with his handler, Rick Wade. Read more about Rick below!


Introducing Rick Wade

Rick the handlerRick Wade is a licensed bed bug inspector and expert dog trainer with The Neuse. In fact, he has been in the dog training industry for over 25 years! You may have even seen him on television, where he has appeared on several outdoor sporting shows and ESPN.

In his spare time, Rick likes to spend time with his family and work on his line of hunting and outdoor apparel.


About Our Program

Did you know that a trained bed-bug dog can detect the critters where no physical evidence exists? They often accomplish in just 30 minutes what a human would take hours to do. No more tearing apart furniture or floorboards to search for what you can barely see!

Our K-9 team members are unique positions that include specially-marked vehicles. The team works to confirm the absence or presence of bed bugs in residential homes as well as commercial spaces. When one of our dogs alerts us to the presence of live bed bugs, a visual confirmation will take place by the handler. In addition to working together, K-9 handlers take the dogs home at the end of their shift. In addition to being a team, they are also family!

Click Here for even more details about our Canine Program and Bed Bug Services!


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