Does Spreading Mulch Attract Termites?

Every year we see millions of homeowners emerge from the winter ready to do yard work on their homes. While preparing for those springtime barbeques and gatherings, we often spruce up the flower beds by adding fresh mulch. Mulch will help maintain moist soil conditions, reduce weeds, and Read More

Understanding the Termite “Swarm Season”

Each year when the temperature outside reaches about 70 degrees, subterranean termites throughout North Carolina will fly out of cracks and crevices in an attempt to reproduce and spread their colonies. This can be shocking and even frightening for homeowners who were unaware that termites were present on Read More

What Makes You Appealing to Mosquitoes?

Have you ever suspected that mosquitoes find you more appetizing than the rest of your friends? Well, it turns out that science has your back! Aside from a lack of pest control measures, there are several little known factors that contribute to your bite count every year. Read Read More

What’s That On My Mums?

  When Fall arrives, it’s difficult not to miss the sunshine and vacations of Summer. But take heart, because it’s time to bring on  the sweaters, hayrides, cider, and an Autumn home icon: mums! While mums, aka chrysanthemums, are the perfect compliment for pumpkins and hay bales outside Read More

Can You Tell If You Have Bedbugs?

Over the last 10 years, we’ve learned a lot about bedbugs.  Particularly, that they are much more common than most people think, and very difficult to treat.  Luckily treatments have improved greatly over the last 5 years or so, and The Neuse Termite and Pest Control is prepared Read More

Are Termites Destroying Your Home’s Value Right Now?

Termite colonies can take up to 5 years to infest and grow to a size where they can cause serious damage to a home.  Each year, it’s estimated that home owners spend on average $2,500 – $3,000 per treated home, fixing termite damage, totaling an average of over Read More

6 Reasons Not to DIY Termite Control

When considering treating your home for termites, many homeowners may be tempted to DIY to try to save money.  Unfortunately, not only might this cost the homeowner more money to treat effectively, it can also be very costly in time, safety and more. Here’s why we highly recommend Read More


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