Exterior Quarterly Pest Service

Decades ago, insecticides were widely accepted and used inside homes. While it remains acceptable today to address problem areas with professional application, today the pest control industry and the general public have both moved away from habitually applying pest control materials inside the home. There are many reasons for this – professionals found that effective results were still achieved when interior service was removed, and increasingly busy lifestyles urged homeowners to take advantage of services that focus on exterior pest prevention.

As a result, the majority of our customers take advantage of our Outside Only Pest Control Service. In fact, we recommend it! Here’s why:

  • There is no appointment to be kept because you aren’t required to be home for visits.
  • 99% of pests come from the outside. Applying an external insecticide is enough to keep the bugs away.
  • We still remove existing spider webs, treat entry points, and use a power sprayer to treat the perimeter of the home.
  • If needed, you remain entitled to free re-services between quarters for issues inside the home.
  • Less product is applied inside living spaces – a comfort for many.
  • We will place a courtesy call 48 hours before our arrival and leave a detailed service summary!

To switch your existing pest account to an external service, complete the form below or call (919) 553-9888 today.

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