6 Reasons Not to DIY Termite Control

When considering treating your home for termites, many homeowners may be tempted to DIY to try to save money.  Unfortunately, not only might this cost the homeowner more money to treat effectively, it can also be very costly in time, safety and more.

Here’s why we highly recommend you re-consider a do-it-yourself termite treatment project.

  1. Termiticide Volume

Effective termite treatment for a single story home often takes 100 – 300 gallons of termiticide.  Let that soak in for a minute.  Up to 300 gallons of termiticide!  Harvesting up to 300 gallons of anything, let alone a potentially dangerous chemical like termiticide is enough to abort your DIY termite control plans.

  1. Using the Latest Chemicals

It’s imperative to use the latest termite chemical compounds to create a barrier and kill existing termites.  Termite control products of the past are not as effective as the latest termiticides available today. To avoid any confusion, the best, latest products should be used on your termite control project, it’s best to leave this to the pros.

  1. Termite Treatment Cost

Even though you can buy jugs of seemingly low cost termite solutions at big box hardware stores; in reality you would be paying a premium per gallon (potentially 2-2.5x more) over hiring a licensed pest control operator like The Neuse Termite and Pest Control.  The volume mentioned above makes an expensive DIY scenario a reality.

  1. Treatment Techniques

In order to thoroughly treat a home for termites the right way, drilling through concrete slabs and accessing crevices via special equipment will be necessary to apply the termite product properly.  There are many scenarios where a typical homeowner will not have the proper equipment and know-how to make sure an effective treatment takes place.

  1. Time

Because of the sheer amount of solution and the application techniques required, you might find yourself in your crawlspace digging and drilling through concrete for many hours.  Spending this much time performing labor will typically lead to fatigue and potentially cutting corners in the process.

  1. Safety

Between the volume of liquid termiticide products involved, and the equipment operation necessary for a successful termite treatment, safety is the biggest concern for DIY homeowners.  Without the proper equipment, a DIY termite treatment could leave your home prone to termite attacks.

After much consideration, we felt we’d be doing our potential customers and audiences a disservice by not disclosing these points.  Not only is termite treatment labor intensive, it can cost you time, money and much frustration if not done properly, and you could still end up with termites.  We highly recommend relying on the professionals for any and all termite treatments.

If you think you have termites, give us a call for a free termite inspection at The Neuse Termite and Pest Control.  Call us today at (919) 553-9888.

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